Dating Advice: 

Seven Habits for Dating and Choosing Healthy Partners

by Sally R. Connolly, LMFT and John E. Turner, LMFT

We have some dating advice for you.  Choosing a healthy partner to date is an important place to start.  Here are some suggestions for how to make good choices in a dating partner.


7 Habits for Dating and Choosing Partners

Dating Advice, Tip # 1.  Go slowly in a new relationship. There is no reason to rush. Enjoy the experience of really getting to know someone. Our dating advice is to put off the “Where are we going with this?” discussion for 6 months.

Dating Advice, Tip # 2.  Another important piece of dating advice is to think about your past dating relationships and learn from them. What did you do right and what do you want to do differently?

Dating Advice, Tip #3
.  Have a checklist of qualities in a dating partner that are important to you and stick with them. Dating is more about finding someone healthy for you and who has what you need rather than someone who likes you. You can find plenty of people who like you but the key is finding someone who respects and deserves you.

Dating Advice, Tip #4.  Consider this piece of dating advice, make it a rule for yourself about sex and intimacy such as not to sleep with someone new for at least a month.

Dating Advice, Tip #5.
  Think of dating as a sport rather than as an intense search for THE ONE. Relax and have fun.

Dating Advice, Tip #6. 
Another piece of our dating advice is to meet your date’s friends and let some of your friends meet your date.See how he/she acts around friends and assess what you think about your date’s friends.

Dating Advice, Tip #7.
  And finally and one of our most important pieces of dating advice, never mistake infatuation for love.

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