Couples and Marriage Counseling

We specialize in couples counseling and have helped many get back to a healthier place in their relationships

Through our many years of experience, we know a lot that we can share with you about healthy relationships and how to solve your problems. 

In addition to our experience, we also draw on the work of John Gottman, PhD, a researcher from The University of Seattle, who has spent a great deal of time studying healthy couples and has determined the components of healthy relationships.
We would both say that we are therapists who see the relationship as our client, rather than individuals within the relationship. When we are presented with two people who have some desire to try to work things out, we will do whatever we can to facilitate that happening. While not all relationships can be saved, we believe that too many people give up too quickly … and we know that some of the most painful relationships have turned around.

Marriage Counseling:  The First Session

We generally like to meet with both members of a couple in the first session. This helps us to get to know you as a couple and to hear each of you talk out loud about your concerns and your dreams for your relationship. We may later schedule individual times if you … or we … decide it might be helpful.

Can I Come Alone to Marriage Counseling?

Absolutely. While we encourage both of you to come together, we know that there are times when only one person is interested in working on the relationship. We can discuss strategies that you can use to change yourself … which often brings about a difference in a partner. When the “tune” changes, the dance must change as well.

How Long Does Couples Counseling Take?

That is a hard question to answer, however, most couples do report that they notice some improvement very quickly. The average number of sessions for couples is generally 10 – 12 over 6 months; however, some finish more quickly. Others find that they need and want to stay longer.

What About Affairs?

We see many, many couples where infidelity has been the problem bringing them to counseling. One research study said that 70% of marriages that experience infidelity can also be saved … and a significant number of those couples report much stronger relationships due to the hard work they experienced while working through this.

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